OConnor Baby Legs

The three key way head fitting of the OConnor C1221-0002 Cine HD Baby Tripod makes for quicker mounting of Mitchell mount tripod heads, while still maintaining the solid support O’Connor is known for. The single-stage design and die-cast spider ensure maximum rigidity for head and camera loads up to 309 lb, and the rotary locking clamps provide tool-free temperature-independent leg adjustment.

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The legs feature a 4 to 34.6″ height range, so you can get your camera close to the ground for low angle shots. The aluminum alloy legs provide a balance between weight and strength that allows the legs to handle the rigors of the production day, and the dual spiked feet provide grip on soft exterior surfaces.

Three key way slots in the head fitting allow you to quickly align your tripod head on the legs
Single stage design for maximum rigidity
Short leg tube “baby” version for extra low angles
Die-cast alloy spider/receiver top stage
Rotary stage clamps are temperature-independent
Dual leg spikes for high and low angles
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