Microforce Zoom Control w/Henden Motors

The Microforce Zoom Control by Preston Cinema Systems has long been the de facto zoom control in the motion picture industry. It features a pressure sensitive thumb switch that controls both speed and direction. The harder you press, the faster you go. The range of speeds is controlled by a dial at the bottom of the unit.

You can dial down the speed to attain slow creeps as long as 10 minutes from one end of the lens to the other. After performing a really slow zoom, pushing the Zap zbutton allows you to zoom back to the start position at high speed. The control features a built-in switch to reverse thumb switch direction, and an external camera start-stop switch.

Our Microforce comes with the Oppenheimer Pan Handle System. This system is a beautifully machined aluminum bracket designed to make the zoom control fit better into your hand and attach to the tripod of your choice.

The HEDEN M21VE-L 256 Lens Motor with Dual-Pin Hub is a powerful lens motor with a compact form factor suitable for gimbal and drone applications employing professional film and video broadcasting cameras. Compatible with HEDEN YMER, HEDEN CARAT, Preston, and FREEFLY MōVI lens control systems, the M21VE-L 256 features a 7-pin 0B LEMO port that uses smaller, lightweight cables to connect to the controller and comes with a dual-pin hub, together with snap-on gear with dual-pin lock mechanism for added reliability.

The M21VE-L 256 mounts vertically on an optional 19mm rod without the need for tools, and you can also mount it on an optional 15mm rod using the included 15mm insert. The unit also comes with a 0.8 MOD gear that can be mounted on either side with optional 0.4, 0.5, and 0.6 modules available separately, and it has a 1.0 Nm torque

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