ARRI Ultra Primes T1.9

The Arri Ultra Prime Lenses have the widest focal range of any 35mm prime lens set available to cover every cinematic need: from the unique Ultra Prime 8R extreme wide angle lens to the best telephoto lens designed specifically for motion pictures, the Ultra Prime 180 mm, giving you the flexibility to get the coverage you want.

Ultra Prime Lenses retain their excellent image quality even at close focus across the whole SuperĀ 35 frame. They are lightweight standard speed lenses that are a perfect optical match to the high speedĀ Master Prime Lenses.

The Ultra Prime Lenses have been co-developed by ARRI and ZEISS, are manufactured by ZEISS, and are sold exclusively by ARRI.

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Focal Length T-Stop Minimum Focus Front Diameter Weight
8R 2.8 15in 134mm 4.4lbs
14mm 1.9 9in 114mm 4lbs
16mm 1.9 1ft 95mm 2.6lbs
20mm 1.9 1ft 95mm 2.6lbs
24mm 1.9 1ft 95mm 2.2lbs
28mm 1.9 1ft 95mm 2.2lbs
32mm 1.9 15in 95mm 2.4lbs
40mm 1.9 15in 95mm 2.2lbs
50mm 1.9 2ft 95mm 2.2lbs
65mm 1.9 27in 95mm 2.4lbs
85mm 1.9 3ft 95mm 2.6lbs
100mm 1.9 39in 95mm 2.6lbs
135mm 1.9 5ft 95mm 3.5lbs
180mm 1.9 6’6in 114mm 5.7lbs
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