Aputure Light Dome III (35.1″)

Equipped with an upgraded dual-sided and foldable quick release mechanism, the Aputure Light Dome III significantly reduces the set-up time for its 16-sided, point source-softening circular softbox, delivering professional, portrait-ready lighting in mere seconds. The parabolic, hexadecagonal structure of the Light Dome III is reinforced by 16 durable steel support rods, which snap into place with a simple downward press of its widely-compatible Bowens Mount bracket, saving valuable time on set. This design also ensures uniform light output distribution, providing soft, even illumination on any subject. The modifier features a silver interior to maximize the light source’s output and includes 1.5-stop and 2.5-stop front diffusers, along with a 40° fabric grid for enhanced light-shaping capabilities.

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  • Dual-Sided Quick Release Mechanism
  • Hexadecagon Shape with 16 Steel Rods
  • 2 Front Diffusers: 1.5 and 2.5 Stops
  • 40° Grid
  • Widely Compatible Bowens Speed Ring
  • Carrying Bag
  • High-Output Reflective Silver Interior
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